Pawpaw Chapter

The Pawpaw Chapter serves Volusia and Flagler Counties.

President: Paul Rebmann

Chapter Representatives: Karen Walter & Sande Habali
          Karen:  (570) 350-5574
          Sande:    (386) 235-0524

Vice-president: Leslie Nixon
Treasurer: Karen Walter
Secretary: Rob Bird

Chapter e-mail:

The Pawpaw Chapter is named for the little "Volusia Pawpaw," Deeringothamnus rugelii. Also known as Yellow Squirrel Banana or Rugel's Pawpaw, it is found only in Volusia County. Rugel's Pawpaw is a member of the Annonaceae or Custard family. There are two species in this genus of 'false pawpaws', and both are listed as endangered, have limited ranges, and are found only in Florida. A specific arrangement of soil type, moisture, and fire regimen limit the range of these species. The other false pawpaw species - Deeringothamnus pulchellus - is located in Orange and Charlotte counties and has recently been reclassified (by some) as a subspecies of D. rugelii.

Information an history of the Pawpaw Chapter and the namesake native plant.

For more information on upcoming meeting programs, field trips and other events, see the Calendar page and for details and a map to the monthly meeting location visit the Meetings page.

Some of the past meeting programs can be downloaded and viewed from the Presentations page.

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FNPS Pawpaw Chapter
PO Box 250516
Holly Hill, FL 32125

Pawpaw Chapter by-laws (as amended and approved Jan 2018).

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Published on  28.06.2020