Recordings of previous Pawpaw Chapter meetings.

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April 2024
          Program: The Effects of Climate Change by Dr. Jason Evans
          Plant of the Month: Goldenrod - Solidago spp. - presented by Kate Muldoon

March 2024
          Program: Plant Like A Floridian by Holly Giles
          Plant of the Month: Wild Poinsettia - Euphorbia cyathophora - presented by Jane Andrews

Feb. 2024
          Program: Edible Plants of NE Florida by Katie Tripp
          Plant of the Month: Beach sunflower - Helianthus debilis  - presented by Karen Walter

Jan 2024
          Program: Fire in Florida by Danny Young of Young Bear Environmental
          Plant of the Month: Wild Pennyroyal - Piloblephis rigida - presented by Susie Shaeffer

Nov. 2023
          Program: The Birds & the Bees, How to Create Backyard Habitat, Kristen Mattson, Director of the Gillespie Museum at Stetson

Oct. 2023
          Program: Lyonia Environmental Center: The Pollinator Garden and More, Christie Miller, Manager Lyonia Environmental Center
          Plant of the Month: Cabbage Palm - Sabal palmetto  - presented by Paul Rebmann

September 2023
          Program: Common Problems in the Landscape, Amber Carson, arborist
          Plantof the Month: Saw palmetto - Serenoa repens - presented by Danny Young

August 2023
          Plant of the Month: Simpson’s Stopper/twinberry - Myrcianthes fragrans - presented by Dee Hacket

July 2023
          Program: Florida Panther, Mercedes McCallen

June 2023
          Program: Everything's Connected, Benefits of the Florida Wildlife Corridor, Elizabeth Nail, Senior Administrative Assistant, Florida Wildlife Corridor Foundation
          Plant of the Month: Chickasaw plum & Flatwoods Plum - Prunus angustifolia & Prunus umbellata  - Karen Walter

May 2022
          Program: Pollination Biology of Orchids, Haleigh Ray, Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology at Stetson University.
          Plant of the Month: Railroad Vine - Ipomoea pes-caprae var. brasiliensis - presented by Paul Rebmann

April 2022
          Program: People Make the Parks - Stephaine York,Park Services Specialist at Gamble Rogers Memorial State Recreation Area & North Peninsula State Park
          Plant of the Month: Dyschoriste oblongifolia - Twinflower, lakeside or oblongleaf - presented by Peter Sigmann

March 2022
          Program: Living shorelines - Jessy Wayles, Director of Programs, Marine Discovery Center.
          Plant of the Month: Stachytarpheta jamaicensis - trailing porterweed - presented by Sande Habali

February 2022
          Program: Planting and care for urban trees and palms - Ray Jarrett, Environmental Supervisor, Bureau of Plant and Apiary Inspection with FDACS and ISA Certified Arborist
          Plant of the Month: Salvia misella - Southern river sage, creeping sage - presented by Suzie Shaeffer

January 2022
          Program: Identifying Sedges in Florida, Scott Ward, Research botanist at North Carolina Botanical Gardens
          Plant of the Month: Mimosa strigillosa - Sunshine mimosa, powderpuff - presented by Karen Walter

November 8, 2021
          Program "The Beetles & Florida Native (mostly) Plants" presented by Paul Rebmann
          Plant of the Month: Wax Myrtle - Morella cerifera - Presented by Leslie Nixon

October 11, 2021
          Plant of the Month:  Yellow anise- Illicium parviflorum -  presented by Sande Habali

September 13, 2021
          Program: "Native Wildflowers of the Panhandle"
          Speaker: Bonnie Basham FNPS President presenting the video "From the Ashes - Springtime in the Pinelands"
          Plant of the Month: Marlberry - Ardisia escallonioides - presented by Kate Muldoon

August 9, 2021
          Program: "Yard management, native plants, and how we benefit”
          Speakers: Vitor Vieira Vasconcelos, Associate Professor of Ecosystem Dynamics at the Federal University of ABC and Jesse Jones, Research and Extension Associate at the University of Florida’s Residential Landscape Ecology Lab
          Plant of the Month:  Myrsine cubana - myrsine presented by Danny Young

July 12, 2021
          Program: Speaker: Richard Harris, Volusia County Environmental Specialist II
Topic: Land Management Practices in Volusia County Conservation Lands

          Plant of the Month: Seagrape - Coccolobo uvifera - Paul Rebmann

June 14, 2021
          Program: Samantha West, Volusia County Environmental Specialist III and ISA Certified Arborist - Topic: Environmental Planning, Protection and Regulations in unincorporated Volusia County
           Plant of the Month: Walter's viburnum - Viburnum obovatum - Karen Walter

May 10, 2021
          Program: Cindy Bennington - Volusia Sandhill Pollinator Project
          Dwarf Yaupon Dilema

April 12, 2021
          Program: Kris Daniels - Honey Bee Forage: Content, Location & Uses
          Plant of the Month: Florida Privet - Forestiera segregata - Leslie Nixon

Feb. 8, 2021
          Program: Basil Ianonne - Biodiversity in Suburbia
          Plant of the Month: Bay Cedar - Suriana maritima - Paul Rebmann
          Virtual Landscape Tour - Ormond by the Sea beachside home - presented by Katie Tripp

Nov. 9, 2020
          Program: Katie Tripp - Plant Native, Grow Nature
          Plant of the Month: White passionflower - Passiflora incarnata var. alba - Karen Walter

Oct. 12, 2020
          Program: Paul Rebmann - A Florida Naturalist's Glimpse of Cuba
          Plant of the Month: Spurred butterfly pea - Centrosema virginianum - Samantha West

Sept. 14, 2020
          Program: Danny Young of Young Bear Environmental on Homeowner shoreline restoration
          Video previewed during the presentation in its entirety.
          Plant of the Month: Scorpionstail - Heliotropum angiospermum - Katie Tripp

August 10, 2020
          Program: Linda Walters of UCF on Tomoka State Park restoration
          Plant of the Month: Plumbago zeylanica - Doctorbush (native plumbago) -  Leslie Nixon

July 13, 2020
         Program:  Jenny Nazak, local sustainability educator, presenting
Soil 101: Healthy Soil = Healthy Plants, Healthy People, Healthy Planet
          Plant of the Month: Ironweed - Vernonia species - presented by Katie Tripp

June 8, 2020
          Program: Nash Turley, postdoctoral fellow at University of Central Florida’s Department of Biology and co-founder of Lawn to Wildflowers, presenting Lawn to Wildflowers
          Plant of the Month: Powderpuff - Mimosa strigillosa - presented by Paul Rebmann

April 13, 2020
          Program: Valerie Anderson, FNPS Director of Commmunications and Programming, presenting Conservation and the Role of the Florida Native Plant Society

The mission of the Florida Native Plant Society is to promote the preservation, conservation, and restoration of the native plants and native plant communities of Florida.