The Pawpaw Press is the newsletter of the Pawpaw Chapter

Editor: Georgann Meadows

Note that the newsletters also always include upcoming events.

June 2024 Pawpaw Press
  Volunteers target air potato plants at Ponce Preserve, sneak peak of D Ranch Preserve, ReGrow the Loop events, native plants at the Black Heritage Museum in NSB, Rugel's Roundup 2024, in The Observatory: rain lilies, pollinators on Stoke's aster & wild coffee, and from the panhandle pitcher plants and goldencrest, May meeting highlights and native plants for sale

May 2024 Pawpaw Press
 Hickory Bluff field trip, Native Plant Expo and (many) other April events, April meeting highlights and in The Observatory Falling Waters State Park wildflowers

April 2024 Pawpaw Press
  Ponce Preserve field trip, Holly Hill removes Brazilian peppertrees, Pawpaw highway cleanup, native plants at Tomoka State Park and the Marine DIscovery Center, in The Observatory: nature highlights from Ponce Preserve, & The Nature of Oaks in the library review

March 2024 Pawpaw Press
  Alexander Island field trip, Great Backyard Bird Count, ReGrow the Loop at the library and Tomoka State Park, our chapter's Invasive Species Hero, NSB Springfest, in The Observatory: smallflower pawpaw, Walter's viburnum & snow squarestem, Sugar Mill Gardens & Fen meeting highlights

February 2024 Pawpaw Press
  Field trip to Bicentennial Park, Science Fair Awards, field trip news, ReGrow the Loop: Ormond Historical Society & Tomoka State Park native plant gardens & Library event, Ormond Environmental Center garden progress and photos, chapter volunteer hours for 2023, Pawpaw Library spotlight on Plants of Canaveral National Seashore & Attracting Birds, Butterflies and other Backyard WIldflife, in The Observatory: Florida violet,  Jack-in-the-pulpit, mushrooms, rouge plant, yellow jessamine, scorpiontail & frostweed.

January 2024 Pawpaw Press
 Holiday Potluck & Native Plant Auction, new officers elected, Enchanted Forest field trip, Pawpaw Chapter awards Community Landscape Grant in Ormond, Pawpaw volunteers recognized by Ponce Inlet, latest Adopt-a-Highway report, in The Observatory: Phaon crescent butterfly on Highway 40 & shortleaf wild coffee in the Enchanted Forest.

December 2023 Pawpaw Press
 Regrow the Loop at Fairchild Oak, Native plant sale at Ormond Environmental Discovery Center, garden work at Mary S. Harrell Black Heritage Museum in NSB, 2024 officer nominations, 2024 Plant of the Month theme, library update, holiday auction details

November 2023 Pawpaw Press
 Bluffton Nature Trail field trip, summer plant swap, The Observatiory: Amy Spies photographic highlights from of the Bluffton nature trail, call for service, Pawpaw Library highlights: The Humane Gardener, Saturiwa Conservation Area Natural History and Ecological Field Guide, Terriffic Twins - landscaping guides by Gil Nelson and Rufino Osario

August 2023 Pawpaw Press
 Tomoka State Park field trip with bonus Ormond native residential landscape visit, Park of Honor update, In Memoriam: Warren Reynolds, this month's Observatory features highlights from the Park of Honor and Tomoka State Park, library spotlight on coastal plant books

July 2023 Pawpaw Press
 Regrow the Loop, rain shortened field trip, Park of Honor updates, butterfly and moths in The Observatory, library spotlight on butterflies and caterpillars, native plant name scramble

June 2023 Pawpaw Press
 Rugels Roundup 2023 Recap, Nature, children & Sugar Mill Gardens, volunteers, participation & outreach Pawpaw CHapter exceeds, In the Observatory: Bartram’s rosegentian, tarflower, spotted water hemlock, Oceola's plume, zebra longwing caterpillar, spurred butterfly pea and Rugel's pawpaw, new books and water-loving plants in the library spotlight & May meeting highlights

May 2023 Pawpaw Press
 Spring Native Plant Expo, Rugel's Roundup coming up (twice), Ormond Beach urban gardens, in The Observatory: a nursery for more natives than just plants, ladies'-tresses, cardinal airplant and lizard's tail, a mangrove poem & the library spotlight on Native Plant Landscaping for Florida Wildlife, upcoming tree ID workshop, & highlights of the April meeting.

April 2023 Pawpaw Press
 Field trip on a new trail near DeLeon Springs, a look at green dragons, outreach at the Florida Wildflower & Garden Festival and MOAS Natural History Day, spring highway cleanup and roadside botanizing, major project at Ormond's EDC native plant garden, oasis in Oak Hill, in the Observatory: wild pertunia, Savannah iris, Pinxter azalea, rusty lyonia, southeastern sneezeweed, caterpillars & a spider, library spotlight on The Young Naturalist’s Guide to Florida by Peggy Lantz & Wendy Hale

March 2023 Pawpaw Press
 Field trips to Spruce Creek Park & Green Isle Gardens, spring events begin, Park of Honor budding & blooming, in The Observatory: eastern redbud, spring run spider-lily, common blue violet, Florida privet, flatwoods plum, black cherry, gulf fritillary on greeneyes & Walter's viburnum, library spotlight on Bringing Nature Home

February 2023 Pawpaw Press
 Field trip team changes, Longleaf Pine ecobuggy tour, Explore Volusia program, tree giveaway, science fair winners, Book of the Month by James Bridle, little green treefrog on snow squarestem and false foxglove close-up in The Observatory

January 2023 Pawpaw Press
 Pawpaws on TV, Holiday plant auction returns to the Piggotte Center, False foxgloves in The Observatory

 Fall 2022 field trip catchup

2022 September Pawpaw Press
 Plant swap surprises, info on October Native Plant Expo, and a very busy Observsatory: marshy plants, Ormond Environmental Discovery Center native garden and chapter volunteers, Pine Lilies at Langleaf Pine Preserve and August blooms at Canaveral National Seashore

2022 August Pawpaw Press
 St. Johns River field trip cruise, Park of Honor workday, chapter openings for AV person and membership chair, native plant sign, in The Observatory: wildlife on the July boat tour, monarch on rosinweed with a bonus lizard & an echo moth caterpillar on its host plant, coontie.

2022 July Pawpaw Press
 Green Springs Park field trip, meet our program chair, Highway 40 adopt-a-highway update, a visit to a yaupon tea factory, Hontoon Island, in The Observatory: butterfly orchid (Encyclia tampensis) , prickly poppy (Argemone albiflora) & camphorwwed (Heterotheca subaxillaris).

2022 June Pawpaw Press
 Volusia County growth management issue, meet the new Pawpaw VP Amber Stevenson, summer meeting changes, Pawpaw participates in the City Nature Challenge, library outreach, milkweed for sale, field trip: Haw Creek, in The Observatory: moth on Coreopsis and Jamacian caper, and new this issue, the Editor's Corner

2022 May Pawpaw Press
  New Pawpaw LIbrary online access, successful spring plant sale & Earth Day events, first in-person hybrid meeting, members local action, field trip: Canaveral Seashore Eldora Trail, farewell to Mark & Doug, in The Observatory: white peacock butterfly visiting frog fruit, yellow colicroot & doctorbush

Editor from December 2014 through March 2022 was Doug Hunt

2022 March Pawpaw Press
  Preading the word in March: Wildflower & Garden Festival, Ponce Inlet & Battle Island; remebering Renate & other chapter losses, springs in the spring, City Nature Challenge, school grants & in The Observatory: crossvine blooms & oak leaf variations

2022 February Pawpaw Press
 Partnership at Great Backyard Bird Count, a princess' nature jewel in Flagler County, Pawpaw chapter website, in The Observatory: conradina attracts bees and coral honeysuckle fills the winter lull.

2022 January Pawpaw Press
 Conservation in action, Petal Pushers planning, name tag order time, hybrid state conference this year, 2022 calendar, insect life in The Observatory

2021 December Pawpaw Press
 Annual Holiday Native Plant Auction, propagating more natives, more natives at Sugar Mill Gardens, in The Observatory late blooming beebalm attracts pollinators and highway cleanup reveals pine lily

2021 NovemberPawpaw Press
  December Holiday Auction details, officer nominees and committees for 2022, Gamble Rogers State Park field trip, pink sundew and saltbush in The Observstory

2021 October Pawpaw Press
 Fall plant sale success, school grants, Lake Beresford field trip,  plant of the month - IIicium parviflorum - yellow anise, in The Observatory: rayless sunflower, morning glory, slender blazing-star, lopsided Indiangrass, muhly grass and Titusville mint.

2021 September Pawpaw Press
 Call for candidates, improvements in the chapter's adopted highway section, Craig Huegel on asters, October is Native Plant Month & the chapter plant sale, the search for Pine Lilies, FNPS license plate and in the Observatory: clearwing hummingbird moth & marberry in bloom.

2021 August Pawpaw Press
 A new Rugel's Pawpaw patch, seagrape for privacy, native plant swap and monarchs on milkweed in The Observatory

2021 July Pawpaw Press
 Spruce Creek land management review, upcoming plant swap, summer on the St. Johns River, Walter's viburnum & in the Observatory: pine lily, gingerbush, walking stick in the coontie, cornflower snakeroot and a beetle in the ironweed.

2021 June Pawpaw Press
 The Pawpaw Chapter is growing and opportunities abound, partying with pollinators, new book about André Michaux, rebirth from burn at Spruce Creek preserve, in the Observatory: scarlet hibiscus, spider lily, tarflower & Leavenworth's tickseed.

2021 May Pawpaw Press
 Gopher Tortoise friendly yards, purposeful ugly, welcoming wildlife guide, columbine and false indigo in The Observatory

2021 April Pawpaw Press
 A successful plant sale, upcoming events, and in The Observatory: Simpson's stopper, Florida bellflower, longleaf pine and white swamp milkweed.

2021 March Pawpaw Press
 Children, Nature and grants, natives at Ormond's EDC, FNPS conference registration, 2021 field trips, diversity at Ponce Preserve, in The Observatory: Pinxter's azalea, fringe trees, daisy fleabane, red buckeye, blue-eyes with greeneyes and netted pawpaw.

2021 February Pawpaw Press
 Upcoming spring plant sale, peppers and puddles, roadside botanizing & cleanup, Pawpaw board, bay cedar, learning native plants at home, Petal Pushers are propagating, and a violet in the Observatory

2021 January Pawpaw Press
 Pawpaw and Tarflower Chapter joint outing, Cassadaga field trip, 2021 field trip schedule, in the Observatory: starry rosinweed, Stokes' aster, pine catkins & wild poinsettias.

2020 December Pawpaw Press
 A year of challenges, a time of thanks, Native plant auction 2020, Looking ahead to 2021, Colors of scarlet sage in The Observatory

2020 November Pawpaw Press
 2021 plant of the month theme, White passionflower, 2021 officers, In The Observatory: freshly emerged gulf fritillary, skyblue clustervine & climbing aster attracts bees

2020 October Pawpaw Press
  December Native Plant Auction details (special date, time & location), Hickory Bluff field trip, Nov. field trip bonus native plants available, gulf fritillaries, hammock snakeroot and Florida Keys blackbead in The Observatory

2020 September Pawpaw Press
  Our 'weeds': native landscapes and neighbors, visiting relocated pine lilies , seed season & The Observatory: whorled milkweed and black-eyed susan

2020 August Pawpaw Press
  New trees expand natives in the Park of Honor, ECHO/Volusia Forever on the ballot, beebalm attracting bees and pineland heliotrope in The Observatory     

2020 July Pawpaw Press
  Field trip planning, more natives at Ormond's Environmental Discovery Center, The Observatory: sleepy hibiscus & bee on lanceleaf coreopsis

2020 June Pawpaw Press
  FNPS online general meeting, Plant of the Month: Powderpuff (sunshine mimosa), The Observatory: anole, rattlesnake master, hairy leafcup, unusual Rudbeckia and sea lavender

2020 May Pawpaw Press
  Backyard & bicycle botanizing, Plant of the Month: partridge pea, petal pushing in the pandemic, field trips resume, in The Observatory: spiderwort, Stoke's aster, butterfly orchid, oakleaf hydrangea, coneflower and a garden visitor

2020 April Pawpaw Press
  Online chapter meetings, raising monarchs in the pandemic, essential trees, April council of chapters, debut of new feature: The Observatory

2020 March Pawpaw Press
 Event cancelations & upcoming online meeting (including detailed instructions), DeLeon Springs field trip, Petal Pushers adapt to the times

2020 February Pawpaw Press
  Tasty Natives, respect for Bidens alba, native plants for birds, Pawpaw on Facebook

2020 January Pawpaw Press
 Tomoka Regional Science Fair, fighting Air Potato, Lake Woodruff NWR field trip

2019 December Pawpaw Press
 2020 meeting and field trip calendar, holiday gathering and plant auction, Volusia conservation issue alert, latest road cleanup

2019 November Pawpaw Press
 Pine Lily rescue, native plant auction, Petal Pushers mission, Lake Beresford

2019 October Pawpaw Press
  Volusia Water Alliance symposium, native plants at local elementary schools, DeLeon Springs State Park showcases natives, UCF arboretum field trip

2019 September Pawpaw Press
  Pawpaw public outreach events, beautyberry

2019 July-August Pawpaw Press
  Summer plant swap, plant propagation, firebush, thorny common names, pokeweeed

2019 May Pawpaw Press
  Landscaping for Wildlife, First Conference, student member Constance and her mentor from the chapter

2019 March Pawpaw Press
  Wildflower Festival, Park of Honor, hypertufa, Brazilian Pepper, Carolima Jessamine and highway cleanup

2019 February Pawpaw Press
 Learing about Scrub, parnering with Audubon - for the birds, Ponce Preserves the Planet, and winter blooms

2019 January Pawpaw Press
 Chapter honors scince fair students, volunteers tend natives in Park of Honor, talking natives for the Sierra Ckub and Wild Coffee the first Flowering Favorite for our Feathered Friends

2018 November Pawpaw Press
  Outgoing President's message, rare scrub mint, members talking natives, officer nominations

2018 October Pawpaw Press
  Native Plant Month events

2018 September Pawpaw Press
  Climate-wise landscaping, Natural History Day at MOAS, Propagation project, Spruce Creek tour.

2018 July-August Pawpaw Press
  Education grant, summer plant swap, Park of Honor, DeLeon Springs field trip.

2018 June Pawpaw Press
   Pinelands, Pollinators and a recap of the field trip ot Tiger bay State Forest.

2018 April Pawpaw Press
    Fire in Florida, B-CU's Rinker Pond project, SpringFest in NSB, Rugels still count, Hammock Walk at Gamble Rogers SP & Ormond outreach, and plant of the month sweet acacia (Vachellia farnesiana var. farnesiana).

2018 March Pawpaw Press
    Outreach and Certified Wildlife Habitats, chapter polo shirts, Merritt Island NWR scrub ridge trail and plant of the month white indigoberry (Randia aculeata)

2018 February Pawpaw Press
    Keeping a campus botanically diverse, members and public meetings, new priorities reshape an old family garden, plant of the month: wild lime

2018 January Pawpaw Press
    Winter pruning advice from Ray Jarrett, Conservation walk at Heart Island, Celebrating diversity at the Enchanted Forest, February field trip to Green Springs

2017 December Pawpaw Press
    Holiday gathering and plant auction, upcomong program on plants and pollinators, December field trip: New Smyrna Beach Marine Discovery Center & multi-use trail, Jan field trip descriptions, and the schedule of programs and field trips for 2018.

2017 November Pawpaw Press
    November meeting: The Darwinian Gardener, November field trip: Sherlock moments in search for rare scrub mint (Diceranda thinicola), Nominations: slate of officers

2017 October Pawpaw Press
     October meeting: Class is in session! - plant identification, Plant of the Month: Saw palmetto: berry desirable, Native plant month: Ponce Inlet tour: public and private, Natives in our Neighborhoods: Ormond church plants native garden, October field trip: From fire, diversity grows - Ocala National Forest sandhills

2017 September Pawpaw Press
     Native plant month: Spreading the word, sharing the beauty, Plant of the Month: Simpson’s stopper: landscape staple, Chapter Outreach: Go to seed for us, August field trip: In steamy month, a double-feature day - Annual Plant Swap and Landscape Tour

2017 July Pawpaw Press
     July field trip: We detour for plants! - Mosquito Lagoon, Plant of the Month: Walter’s viburnum - A stellar shrub for attracting wildlife, Weeds be gone! - Park of Honor work day,

2017 June Pawpaw Press
     June meeting: Our crucial role in land management, Facebook gold - white peacock butterfly nectaring on Gaillardia pulchella, Plant of the Month: Singing fiddlewood’s praises, Chapter outreach: Celebrating pollinators, June field trip: A garden to inspire our own - Judi’s Butterfly Garden Palm Bay

2017 April-May Pawpaw Press
    Annual conference: FNPS honors chapter, Sonya Guidry, Chapter meetings: If you missed our meetings you missed...Bees, Milkweeds & Monarchs, Chapter activities: Plants take us places! - Rugel's Roundup & Earth Day, Best management practices: Palms, and how to keep them happy

2017 March Pawpaw Press
    March meeting: Purposeful plants: intro to ethnobotany, Book launch: Plants of Atlantic Center for the Arts debuts on home turf, Chapter origins: How Pawpaw got its start, Plant of the Month: Attractive, care-free varnishleaf: Try it!, March field trip: In Deltona park, diversity abounds - Audubon Park

2017 February Pawpaw Press
     February meeting: Call of the wild (flower) - Florida Wildflower Foundation, Chapter outreach: Ponce preserves the planet, Deep Creek drive (Lyonia Chapter field trip), Plant of the Month: Redbuds usher spring with burst of color, February field trip: Along an old road, fresh discoveries - Tiger Bay State Forest

2017 January Pawpaw Press
     January meeting: Nature’s filters, or man’s? - Living Shorelines, Looking good - Park of Honor, Science fair winners: Chapter honors work of student scientists, Plant of the Month: Pontederia (pickerelweed): prime pick for ponds, January field trips: To forest and farm by foot and wagon - Semi- nole State Forest (with Beautyberry Chapter) & Florida Agriculture Museum (with Sea Oats Chapter)

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